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2024 Mobile Notary Services: Expedited Apostilles

December 27, 20238 min read

How an California Mobile Notary Can Expedite Your Apostille 


An apostille, meaning “certification” in French, is a seal that legitimizes legal documents for use outside the United States. An apostille verifies the authenticity of a document for use in another country that is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. This is commonly required when you go overseas to conduct business, buy property, get married, or adopt a child. 

ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY is your SF Bay Area Notary Public and Apostille service that helps reduce the processing time and take the guesswork out of the apostille process, including notarizing documents, obtaining state or federal authentications, working with translation specialists to translate documents into the target language, and submitting paperwork to a competent state or federal authority.  

Let our experts help you focus on the more important aspects of your overseas travel by calling (925) 237-9550 to discuss the requirements for your document authentication. 


Apostille requirements vary by state, country, and document type. A detailed apostille application process might be: 


  1. Obtaining an original or copy of the document.

  2. Notarizing the document with a notary public in the same state you are applying for the apostille.

  3. Fill out the state apostille application form.

  4. Submitting the document to the state or federal government for certification, if required.

  5. Submitting the original, certified, or notarized document with applicable fees to the Secretary of State or competent authority. 


With ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY services, you can save time, money, and hassle when getting an apostille for your document. You can trust us to handle your documents with care and confidentiality. You can also enjoy our competitive rates and flexible scheduling. Whether you need an apostille for personal or business purposes, we can make it easy and convenient for you. 

There are several benefits associated with having documents certified by our company: 

  • Access to our mobile, notary services we've provided for over [x] years.

  • Reduce the cost of your or your organization’s time and money.

  • Detailed progress updates on your application each step of the way.

  • The documents will be returned to you in a secure package.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your documents are notarized and authenticated correctly. 


Obtaining an apostille can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if you are not familiar with the requirements and procedures. That’s why ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY offers a fast and convenient service to help you get an apostille in California or any of the other 50 states.  

Our streamlined apostille process includes: 

  • Handling all types of documents, such as birth certificates, diplomas, adoption records, death certificates, business licenses, and more.

  • Providing mobile notary and copy certification services if needed.

  • Reviewing your documents for free, preparing and filing them with the appropriate Secretary of State or the U.S. Department of State, and then obtaining the apostille certification on your behalf.

  • Offering standard, rush, and expedited apostille services, depending on your needs and urgency.

  • Providing local pickup and delivery in the SF Bay Area, as well as domestic and international shipping options. 

With our expertise and experience, we can simplify the apostille process for you and ensure that your documents are accepted by the destination country. 


When you need authentication or legalization of your documents for use in another country, you want to make sure that the process is done correctly and efficiently. That’s why you should choose ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY, the leading provider of apostille services in California.  

What sets us apart from other apostille providers is our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

  • We have the expertise and experience to handle all types of documents.

  • We know the requirements and apostille procedures of the individual Secretary of State offices in all 50 states, and we can help you avoid common mistakes and delays.

  • We also offer mobile notary and copy certification notarization services if needed. (used for passports, driver's licenses, and other important documents that need notarization)

  • We will meet you at your home, office, or other location like a coffee shop.

  • We offer standard, rush, and expedited apostille services, depending on your needs and urgency. We also provide a local courier service to return your completed apostilled documents; otherwise, documents will be returned by FedEx or the requested delivery service.

  • We will hand-deliver your documents to the California Secretary of State, use FedEx for the U.S. Department of State, and ensure that they are processed quickly and accurately.

  • We will also keep you updated on the status of your order and provide you with tracking information once your documents are ready. 

With ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY, you can rest assured that your documents are in good hands and that they will be accepted by the destination country. Contact us today to get started! 


Since its founding in [year], ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY has been dedicated to helping customers make important documents easier to share and use internationally. Our experience and expertise in the field mean you always get high-quality service with each request.  

Here are some reviews from our satisfied customers: 

"I had to go to South Korea for business, and I had a lot of documents that needed to be apostilled. I didn't want to take the time off of work, so I decided to find someone who could do it for me. Luckily, I found ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY, who did all the work for me! They got my documents back in no time and made things so much easier." -Amber E., Portland, OR 

"I've been using ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY since they started their business, and they have never let me down. Whenever I need something apostilled or translated, they're always there with their friendly staff ready to help." -Francis B., San Diego, CA 


Apostille services from [company] are a quick, simple, and secure way to authenticate your documents and get peace of mind knowing that your documents are apostilled correctly and accepted by banks, governments, and other entities around the world. 

Since 2016, ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY has helped countless customers get their documents apostilled. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with anything you might need, so contact us any time with questions. We'll always be here to provide you with the assistance you need to get your work done right the first time. 

Let us help you focus on the more important aspects of your overseas travel by calling (925) 237-9550 or going online to discuss your document certification needs. 


Looking for more information? 

See the following common questions about apostilles: 

Which countries recognize apostilles? 

Legal document certification used to be extremely complex, time-consuming, and varied greatly from country to country, but in 1961, the Hague Convention Treaty was signed to streamline the process and make it easier to follow. Countries that do not participate in the convention require documents to be authenticated according to their specific rules and regulations. 

Currently, 91 members participate in the Hague Convention. Some of these countries are:  

  • United States

  • Philippines

  • Ukraine

  • Turkey

  • Mexico

  • Italy

  • Israel

  • Iceland

  • Brazil

  • Argentina 

For a complete, up-to-date list of all participating countries, go to the HCCH Members webpage. 

How long does it take to obtain an apostille? 

The State of California Secretary of State's office processes document requests daily, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll hear back within a 24-hours. Expedited services are available to speed up the turnaround time of the apostille processing. Department of State's or Embassy authentications can take longer due to processing times. You can discuss any urgent requests with your agent to get a better estimate of what to expect. 

How much do apostille services cost, and how do I request apostille services? 

The fees for apostille services are typically based on how many documents you have, what state(s) or authenticating agency they must go to for processing, and the level of urgency for processing your apostille request It is best to contact the apostille agent to get a quote for apostille services for your document request. Get a quote today by filling out the apostille services request form here

What are the differences between a notarized, apostille, and authenticated document? 

The differences between a notarized, apostille, and authenticated document are the application requirements, who certifies it, and where it will be used. Whether the document requires an apostille or authentication depends completely on which country will be receiving it. 

Notarized document: A document is notarized by a notary public, a third-party, impartial witness who verifies the person signing the document and adds a notary stamp afterward. In most states, notaries are registered at the state level, which is why an apostille must be requested in the same state issued by the notary. 

Apostille document: An apostille is an international certification guarantee, requires a notarial certificate (if the document is signed), and is certified as an authentic notarization by the Secretary of State or US Department of State. Vital Record documents, such as Birth Certificates, are not notarized but authenticated by the Secretary of State  

Authenticated document: Document authentication is not the same as an apostille, but they are both meant to certify documents for legal use in another country. Authentication is unique to countries that don’t participate in the 1961 Hague Convention. Because of this, the process is country-specific and can be much more complicated and time-consuming. 

Contact ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY today to schedule your apostille request and to learn more! Visit our website or call us at (925) 237-9550

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